We are delighted to announce the Arise 2020 Women's Summit Keynote Speakers, Panellists and Workshop Coaches.

All inspirational women whose amazing stories inspire, challenge and encourage us all to reach higher and keep going. 

Each from completely different backgrounds, these women have not only paved the way for other leaders to emerge, but they also continue to exemplify togetherness and collaboration and are building a legacy for others - both men and women to thrive. 


Ali Stewart is an executive leadership coach, mentor and best-selling author. She specialises in coaching fiery, dynamic leaders, in danger of burning themselves out, who need more balance, meaning and fulfilment in their lives. 

Having already built a successful management consultancy, Ali founded Ali Stewart & Co – coaching you to achieve and grow – in July 2004. She has coached over 500 leaders across a range of market sectors and built a reputation for going deep and creating dramatic performance improvements.

Executive Coach and Award-winning Author


Following her previous role as Head of Women in Leadership for Sky UK and ROI. During her time in Women in Leadership, she helped drive Sky’s Diversity and Inclusion agenda with the focus on promoting best practices to achieve gender balance at Sky; piloting Sky’s first Returner programme and launching a new Women into Leadership development programme for future female leaders in the business.

Tamara has a four year old daughter who consumes all other hours outside of work and, luckily, very enjoyably so with river walks, playground visits and play dates.

Head of Change, Customer Services Group, Sky


Aduke has dedicated her time to helping women from all walks of life become transformational leaders. In 2016, she founded The Sister Sister Network, an organisation that aims to provide women with the opportunity to gain the insight, education, empowerment and inspiration required to achieve their personal goals and become leaders in their chosen fields.

Chairperson, The Sister Sister Network 


From the age of 9, Elaine knew the career she wanted and was perfectly happy in that career for most of her life. However after a series of challenges leaving her feeling totally out of control, continued on-going stress coupled with a need for a change in lifestyle, she reached a period in her life where she started to question her earlier choices.


Thanks to her own transformation, Elaine really understands how others in the same position feel. She knows the support you need to keep going when the times get tough, how to help you on your way and where having someone hold you accountable, to question you and challenge you, can keep you on the right track to achieving your goals, aspirations, and dreams.

Dream Maker and Coach


Bep's 20-year corporate career and numerous personal experiences has taught her many life-altering lessons. The one she holds most dear is that we must first understand ourselves, in order to successfully engage with the world around us, and walk the path we desire.


Empowering people to understand themselves, so they can move forward in their lives, is Bep's ultimate goal. Her core values of integrity, empathy and courage are at the heart of her coaching relationships.

Transformation Coach


Alison McClure is an experienced Solicitor and accredited Business Coach with extensive leadership and management expertise. Currently a Partner in Blake Morgan with over 20 years Board experience leading strategic and operational initiatives to build successful teams, deliver excellent client service and improve profitability.


Recognised in the Legal 500 as a 'formidable businesswoman' and an 'eminent practitioner' and in 2018 awarded the NatWest/Venus Award for Professional Woman of the Year

Director, Blake Morgan


Having struggled with confidence and poor self-esteem from a young age, Tamsin’s story tells like many a journey of the struggle for self-acceptance, finding courage, and both painful and inspirational discoveries of what it takes to overcome in the face of major knock backs in her personal and business life.


Tamsin now works with individuals and companies to experience the personal and economic benefits of tapping into the female talent of women at all stages of their career.

Women's Coach 


Yvonne Greeves is Head of Women in Business for NatWest, The Royal Bank of Scotland & Ulster Bank. She is responsible for the Women in Business Strategy and a member of both the Women and Girls Sports Advisory Board and the Women in Enterprise Advisory Council for the Scottish Government, to help drive policy change at a national level around female equality.


In addition, Yvonne is Chair of MsMissMrs, a social enterprise seeking to empower women and girls from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Head of Women in Business, NatWest, RBS and Ulster Bank


Amanda is a commercial leadership strategist & coach who helps businesses to deliver their goals by getting the best results they can, out of themselves, customers, stakeholders and teams. Leadership is a trainable skill and Amanda coaches the critical importance of adapting style to connect more effectively.


Amanda is an accredited Insights Discovery and Motivational Maps Practitioner and uses these tools to help leadership teams to motivate themselves and connect better with each other and their team.

Director of Commercial Leadership, Uspire


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