We are delighted to be back in Reading in 2020 for another year. Featuring keynote talks, panel sessions and breakout groups, Arise will explore ways to advance bold ideas that can solve some of the major challenges women face in all areas of life.

This year we are opening the Arise Women’s Summit to men who wish to participate in discussions on advancing leadership and prosperity for all. We know that when women collaborate, we are powerful. By bringing men into the discussion we can be even more powerful. Together we can benefit from bringing into one place a community of inspiring and innovative minds whose ambition and courage empower others to rediscover their own power and purpose.

The benefit of The Summit to individuals:

  Get help finding your voice so you can progress your business / in your career

   Speed mentoring - discover someone to work with to help achieve your goals faster

  Contribute to the debate on how to advance leadership and prosperity for all

 Share or discover bold ideas for solving some of the major challenges that women face.

The benefit to Organisations and Business Owners:

Network with other businesses and representatives from corporate women’s groups and learn from one another

Learn and share best practice

A chance to showcase and promote your company as forward-thinking when it comes to women in the workplace and in leadership.

We are delighted to announce the Arise 2020 Women's Summit Keynote Speakers, Panellists and Workshop Coaches.

All inspirational women whose amazing stories inspire, challenge and encourage us all to reach higher and keep going. 

Each from completely different backgrounds, these women have not only paved the way for other leaders to emerge, but they also continue to exemplify togetherness and collaboration and are building a legacy for others - both men and women to thrive. 


Yvonne Greeves

Head of Women in Business, NatWest, RBS and Ulster Bank


Yvonne Greeves is Head of Women in Business for NatWest, The Royal Bank of Scotland & Ulster Bank. She is responsible for the Women in Business Strategy and a member of both the Women and Girls Sports Advisory Board and the Women in Enterprise Advisory Council for the Scottish Government, to help drive policy change at a national level around female equality. 


In addition, Yvonne is Chair of MsMissMrs, a social enterprise seeking to empower women and girls from disadvantaged backgrounds.


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